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Welcome! If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a loving, motivated parent who wants to see your kids become happy, resourceful and successful adults.

You are committed to providing them with opportunities to grow as well as the tools they need to navigate the modern world. You love them as they are, right now, no matter what they achieve, but you wish for them the capability to create the kind of life they want, once they’re on their own.

But the agreed path to success for young people is flawed, don’t you think?

1. School is out of dateSlide09

The public school curriculum and structure that was set in the late 1800’s still exists today – in an age where our kids grow up as digital natives and can get information/facts instantly online. Research into how humans learn best tells us mastery and true learning happens when students are engaged, allowed to learn at their own pace, apply what they know to real situations that matter, struggle with the material, and more. Teachers, schools, and communities are responding, but slowly, as massive effort is required to change established systems and ways of thinking.

2. Students are under-prepared

Research shows a disconnect between what’s being taught and what employers and universities want students to know how to do. Employers report not being able to find people with the skills they need.  And all this while students are spending more time in formal schooling than ever before, high school has turned into a slog, and a college degree is no guarantee to a better future for many.

3. Work is fundamentally changingJobs risk replacement slide updated

There is a growing body of work documenting the Industrial Age ending, and the Innovation Age beginning – technology replacing not only repetitive jobs in low skilled and middle skilled roles, but also highly skilled ones. Research estimates 47% of current jobs are at high risk of being replaced by technological innovations.

You cannot depend on school to teach your kids what they need to know.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re committed to your son’s or daughter’s future success
  • You wonder about the best way to ensure they become capable, resilient adults able to navigate a rapidly changing world
  • You see that depending on school to educate your kids isn’t enough to get them there

Well, I think you’re right and have some solutions.

Happily, we’re living in a world where information and resources are available like never before. Anyone who has the will can take action, including parents who want to help their kids!

A Quality, Modern Education is ALREADY available to all.

(Students have to take action and create it for themselves.)

Please have a look through the materials here, if you want to explore an alternative, and I believe, better way to help your kids navigate education and develop the critical future skills they need to thrive as adults.

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