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Parents –

So what actions can you take as a parent to help your kids get the kind of education they need?

Step 1: What do you want your child to learn by the time they’re 18?

What do you think your kid needs to learn? You probably want them to thrive as an adult, be able to handle what life throws at them, be able to pursue their dreams.  What do you think they need – knowledge, skills, habits -in order to thrive?

Step 2: Where are the gaps?

Some things school can teach, others they’ll learn naturally at home perhaps. But there will be gaps – what are they? What do they need more of? What’s missing?

Step 3: Start a conversation with your child.

It’s their life and you need their buy-in to make anything work!  So why wouldn’t you talk to them about it?   You could simply watch a video together and discuss the ideas, or have a look through the Learn More section for an idea to explore. 

Figure out a) where their curiosity lies, b) what kind of skills are worth developing, c) what kind of learning opportunities (inside OR outside of school) exist that you can leverage and d) what your child is willing to do.

Step 4: Take action at home and at school.

The opportunities for taking action are endless! From tweaks to your routine at home that cost nothing but time, to after-school programs and in-school opportunities.

Ideas for Action

Students –

Are you wondering what to do with your life? Are you stressed about college? Or do you hate school right now?

Step 1: What do you want for yourself?  What do you want your adult life to be like?

Step 2: Follow Your Curiosity. Hack School for your own ends. Find your path to thriving.

Step 3: Develop Future Skills along the way.

Ideas for Action