The Skills Gap on the Central Coast (CA) – My Take

A lot of friends and fellow "education change" people asked me to update them on the recent event in Santa Barbara -  Crossing the Skills Chasm on the Central Coast. So I brought my laptop, took notes and here they are!  I know I'm not doing all the speakers [...]

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5 ways to hack your high school education

Are you or your high schooler thinking any of these things? A lot of school is a waste of time... Most classes aren’t very interesting...I wish I could study what I WANTED, instead of what someone else says I have to...I want to do things in school that are exciting and [...]

7 reasons you need to get your kids trying to learn new skills

“Students who only know how to perform well in today’s education system—get good grades and test scores, and earn degrees—will no longer be those who are most likely to succeed. Thriving in the twenty-first century will require real competencies, far more than academic credentials.”   Tony Wagner, Most Likely to Succeed: [...]

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Moving up the autonomy scale with your kids…without burning down the house.

How's it going with ramping up your kids' responsibilities as they get older? Are you transferring more decision-making power to them?  Are you giving them a chance to build their decision-making muscles? How do you do this without letting them run wild, eat nothing but candy, and start small fires [...]

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How a small shift at home accelerated learning and made us love each other more.

Flashback to late July - I'd come home from my office, we'd eat dinner together as a family, talk a bit, clean up.... and then we'd all head off to separate devices. For screen time. Slowly but surely, this had become our summer weekday evening: my 13-year-old would be at his desk [...]

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Teenagers: do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

I recently read this: In the name of being sensible, we end up becoming numb to our own desires. It's no wonder that when we ask many teenagers what they want to do or be, they honestly answer, "I don't know."  There are too many layers of "should's," "ought to's," [...]

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Is your kid’s school set up to support powerful learning?

I love, love, love this TedxTalk by Will Richardson, where he starts out asking his audience, how they like to learn: We are all learners; how do YOU prefer to learn? Here's the list he gives of what most people (and research) agree are 'Conditions for Powerful Learning:' Then Will goes on to show [...]

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3 reasons I’ll help my kids hack their education

A similar version of this was published on LinkedIn, but only 4 people saw it, so I bet this is new for you... Here's my baby, 1st grade vs end 8th grade... Two weeks ago, my son started high school - now things get serious! Now the hoops you [...]

Can your kids collaborate? Try this Lego exercise to find out.

At our summer coding club, the students mostly explore and learn on their own, at their own pace.  While they're building relationships and communicating face to face - they interact if they get stuck, want to share what they're up to, or try out a game someone's made - they aren't actually working in [...]

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