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In November 2015, I heard Pavan Arora, Director of Content at IBM WATSON spend an hour describing the “cognitive computing” era we’re entering, knowledge as a commodity, and the amazing ways technology is going to change the world – helping cancer researchers find DNA markers in days/months, rather than years, for example.  As example upon example stacked up, it became clear to me that there’s going to be an even bigger divide between low skilled, high substitute jobs, and highly paid, high skilled jobs – as more innovations replace human labor with technology. It made me look at my children’s education in a new light.

My kids are 10, 10 and 13 – what can I do for them?  I couldn’t see formal education classes helping them much when it comes to developing high value skills, and it’s clear that just getting a college degree isn’t enough: as costs and student debt burdens rise, even students with a degree in hand can’t always succeed in translating it into lucrative work.

After watching, reading and researching learning and education, notably Ken Robinson, Ted Dintersmith, Tony WagnerSugata MitraWill Richardson, (and countless others), I realized all the ideas and solutions are there!  While there are some innovative schools out there, many are slow to change, and I can’t wait for them either – it will be to late for my kids.

I want this site to be for those parents – and their kids – who want to focus on learning during K-12, not just going to school or even grades, and aren’t willing to hope that school will be enough. I hope it will help single parents, working parents, and/or homeschooling parents willing to spend a bit of time thinking and planning and having fun, to help their kids grow, succeed and lead long, happy, fulfilled lives – which is what we all want in the end!

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Paula Cassin

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