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Knowledge is a commodity

In a world where a Google search provide more info than an entire textbook, knowing things is no longer valuable - what can you DO with what you know?

(Start applying what you know)

There is a significant gap between what formal education teaches you, and what employers need and will pay for. On top of this, technology innovations are making entire job categories obsolete.  Get out of your school bubble and start exploring real world applications for what you know.

College is not a Golden Ticket

A college degree no longer guarantees success - increasing costs, unclear career paths and emerging alternatives are disrupting higher education.

(Reverse-engineer your Future)

Choosing a major or college BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AFTER is backwards. Reject the standard path – instead, figure out your passions/general direction/life’s path FIRST…then go get the education you need to take you there.

Many jobs haven't been invented yet.

New types of work are emerging as innovation redefines how people add value to society.

(Futureproof yourself by developing critical skills)

Focus on developing critical future skills, inside and outside of school.

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Ideas for Action

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